Executive Committee



Andrew Nostvick, Chair

Samantha Williams, Vice Chair

Purpose: Manages the communication needs of the county party by maintaining a press release contact list, local media distribution outlets, and county party social media accounts and website.


Jan Norris, Chair

Barb Nelson, Vice Chair

Purpose: Plans and implements events in the county, including: candidate visits, social gatherings, community outreach, and other county party events.       


Carroll Peterson, Chair

Chris Nelson & Vicky Rossander, Vice Co-Chairs

Purpose: Responsible for setting fundraising goals along with planning and organizing fundraising activities for the county party.

Legislation & Platform:

TBD, Chair

TBD, Vice Chair
Purpose: Maintains the county party platform by conducting annual surveys to compile platform planks.

Youth Membership:

TBD, Chair

TBD, Vice Chair
Purpose: Actively seeks the input and involvement from Montgomery County residents ages 14-19 years old and coordinates participation with the county high schools.

Candidate Recruitment:

James Norris & Larry Brandstetter, Co-Chairs
Purpose: Responsible for finding members of the respective community to run for public office, including: city elections, school board, Board of Supervisors, and state legislature.

Joey Norris


Elizabeth Wearin

Vice Chair

Carroll Peterson


Barb Nelson


Executive Committee: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

  • Executive leadership positions are elected every two years during the odd year caucus. The Executive Committee is responsible for the effective operation and general management of the County Party.

Central Committee: Executive Committee, committee chairs & vice chairs

  • The county's Central Committee is comprised of the Executive Committee, the Chairs of each precinct, and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of each of our other committees: Events, Communications, Finance, Legislation & Platform, Youth Membership, and Candidate Recruitment.

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