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About the Montgomery County Iowa Democrats

The Montgomery County Iowa Democrats is a community based group seeking to revitalize rural Iowa. We invite all of our neighbors to join us in solution-based decisions on improving our towns, county, state, and country.

We want you to be healthy, educated, and to make a living. Join us!

Montgomery County Democratic Party Vision


  • Iowa will be #1 in public education: PK-12, Community Colleges, Regent’s Institutions;

  • Southwest Iowa will be repopulated through 

    • support of employers paying a living wage,

    • county-wide high-speed fiber to every home and business, 

    • safe and affordable housing,

    • welcoming all people 

  • Local hospitals will have support to provide quality physical and mental health services; 

  • A path to green card/citizenship will be implemented for dreamers, immigrants, and asylum seekers;

  • All citizens will have equal protection under the law;

  • Support will be provided for beginning farmers and for implementation of sustainable, diverse, and environmentally friendly farming practices;

  • Iowa’s infrastructure will be improved; 

  • Science-based climate measures will be implemented to ensure that we leave a healthy, livable world to future generations;

  • The right to own guns will come with owner responsibility including the acceptance of background checks, permits to own, and training courses for safe use.   

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